How Important are ADA Signs for Your Business in Canada?

Whether you are an established firm or a start-up company, it is essential for a businessman to be aware of the ADA guidelines. It shows that you respect the rules and regulations laid out by the government and are caring towards people with disabilities. Apart from that, the government conducts regular checks to ensure that all required signs are following the government guidelines. If found otherwise, you may be given a warning and later may cost you hefty penalties.

A business that is well placed with ADA or CDA signs always has a greater chance of attracting more customers when it’s more convenient for visitors to navigate. This makes people with disabilities trust your brand more and find it easier to move around. The future of accessibility begins by helping people with disabilities navigate their path easily. As announced by the Canadian government, it is important to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities across the country under the Canadians with Disabilities Act.

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ADA Signs

What are Custom ADA signs?

The option of customizing your sign gives you an open opportunity to stay compliant and promote your business. This comes with the option of creating ADA/CDA signs which include your logo, brand colours, and more. Besides making your company stand out, this can help you strengthen your brand identity. At Influence Signs and Graphics, we provide custom based signs that can be produced according to your design ideas and choices.

We offer a large variety of Signs such as:

  • Characters with easy to read typefaces in certain font, height, and thickness.
  • Raised letters and Braille which makes it easier for people with blindness to touch and feel the sign.
  • Proper installation at an accurate height, according to proper guidelines.
  • Bright lettering on dark backgrounds in order to increase the visibility for people with vision impairments.
  • Low glare signs that use a minimal reflective coating which reduces glare from sunlight.

These signs can be installed at various places in your business-like lobbies and reception areas, offices, conference rooms, open common areas, such as food courts, elevators, and stairwells, hotel/apartment doors.

We’re here to help you adhere to the commendable attempt by the government and get customized ADA or CDA signs for your workplace to uphold this act. These signs at your workplace can open your business to a much wider audience and make it more inclusive and easily accessible by people with disabilities. For any kind of assistance and service in signs, Influence Signs and Graphics is your best-trusted source in Burnaby, BC.

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