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Stand out from your competition with custom vinyl graphics

Vinyl graphics are an excellent way of promoting and advertising your business at a lower cost than other forms of marketing out there. Well designed, colorful, custom graphics have the ability to increase the amount of exposure to your business, which will result in developing a stronger connection and reach with your target audience.

There are many different vinyl material choices for decals, stickers and labels. Whatever you call them, Influence Signs & Graphics is your destination for custom vinyl small and large. Materials come in opaque/solid, translucent, perforated and even reflective. For your vinyl, add a specific finish of either matte/flat, luster or gloss.

Advantages of Investing in Branding & Promotion Vinyl

Fully Customizable

Customized to reflect your brand’s aesthetic as well as complimenting the space itself. Vinyl Graphics can be added to any surface, regardless of what it’s made from.

First impressions count!

The right graphic wrap will leave your guests impressed the minute they walk through the door. In order to ensure that your designs improve your brand reputation and support your customer’s experience, when working with Influence Signs, we will help you pick the most effective colors, sizing and finishes as well as ensure it’s proper installation.

Effective use of your marketing budget

Installing wrap vinyl on walls, windows and floors is considered a relatively inexpensive marketing option because of its long-lasting durability, thus creating great value for your business. Painted walls tend to have to be repainted much more often, and you just can’t get the same quality of branded selections or powerful images that you can from vinyl graphics.


Custom vinyl graphics are created to be long lasting and tough. At Influence Signs and Graphics, we use top a variety of high-grade 3M vinyl’s that stands the test of time. If you’re looking for a durable interior branding option, wall, window and even floor graphics can handle everyday wear and tear better than paint can.

Places To Apply Branding & Promotion Vinyl Graphics

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Whether you use it for branding or promotional reasons, graphics are effective in helping you stand out from your competition.

Interested in decals and graphics for your space? Get in touch with Influence Signs and Graphics in Burnaby, BC. For several years, we must provide businesses in Vancouver, Burnaby, and other areas in the region with superior products and world-class service.

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