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Use commercial Car Wraps to Boost your Sales in Vancouver & Burnaby, BC

Want to get creative with your advertising? At Influence Signs and Graphics, we understand our client’s needs and provide them with unique marketing strategies that not only build a strong connection between their customers and them but also, portray a strong image for their brand. Displaying vinyl wraps on vehicles can easily help build a strong network and can spread the message to a larger audience.

Custom car wraps can be completely personalized to cover the needs of your business model. Car decals can showcase your brand’s name, logo, product images and even contact details in a high-quality resolution, making it easily readable for your audience. The visual impact is everlasting. That’s why we bring you wraps in various colours, shapes, and sizes.

Why Choose Vehicle Wraps?

This is one of the most effective tools of marketing and can be used to strengthen your business’s local presence.

You can change the appearance of your vehicle with an attractive custom vehicle wrap and spread the message to a wider audience.

It’s a key tool for marketing and is eye-catching too. A custom vehicle wrap helps convert your car, truck or any other vehicle into a powerful moving billboard.

With the use of vibrant colours, creative content and beautiful graphics, it is almost impossible to ignore wrapped cars on the roads. Moreover, most people walk, drive or travel on the road, so the probability of a message reaching a target customer is high.

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Car Wraps

Types of Vinyl Car Wraps

Full Vehicle Wrap

Full vehicle wraps work well on smaller cars, but the design can be customized and applied to other vehicles as well. The benefit of using this type of wrap is that a lot of information can be covered including your company’s name, logo, product photos, contact details, address and more.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Another type of custom vinyl car wraps offered by Influence Signs and Graphics is a partial wrap which is further divided into ½ wrap and ¾ wrap. Your vehicle will be covered according to your choice of design and in a percentage, you want to cover it. If you are on a budget, these wraps are a perfect fit.

Vehicle Lettering/Decals

In this type of wrap, only selective numbers or letters are cut out neatly and installed on the vehicle. This type of vinyl wrap is used for businesses that are looking to promote a specific message or highlight their brand logo, contact details and more. To get our services around Burnaby, Vancouver lower mainland, Coquitlam, and New Westminster contact us today and experience an increase in your sales.

Apart from converting your vehicle into a moving billboard, car wraps also add a protective layer to the vehicle, making your vehicle look brand new, as the wrap protects the original body paint from small scratches and adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the best thing about investing in this type of advertising is that they are very durable and can last up to 3-5 years easily, making advertisements more cost-effective for you as you do not need to keep investing in marketing.

High-quality wraps are very impactful as these reflect your brand image and give people a sense of reliability in your brand. These are usually noticed by people walking on the road, driving by or even when your vehicle is parked and forms an excellent impression on them. To learn more about getting your business vehicle branded and, on the road, contact us today for a free estimate.

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