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Restroom signs can come in various sizes, colours, and types depending on several factors such as building regulations and local laws. A good example is ADA restroom signs which strictly follow a set of guidelines imposed by the government to aid differently abled individuals.

Importance of Installing Restroom Signs to your Business

All kinds of businesses such as hotels, retail stores, resorts, and cafes to name a few need restroom signage. As an entrepreneur, custom restroom signs have both short-term and long-term benefits for your business.

Listed below are some of the reasons why having bathroom signs are essential to every business establishment.

Provides Direction

Both wood restroom signs and acrylic bathroom signs are used by many companies to guide customers, guests, and employees. Having visible and readable signs are appreciated by everyone because their basic human needs are being taken care of.

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Men and Women ADA restroom signs

Provides Identification

These signs allow guests, customers, and clients to know which one is intended for their usage and that houses specific amenities that they need such as urinals for men and sanitary napkin dispensers for women. However, more companies in recent times no longer limit themselves to investing in men and women’s bathroom signs. Considering that people are becoming increasingly gender-inclusive, unisex, or all-gender restroom signs are also being widely used.

Provides Information

Acrylic bathroom signs can also display relevant information concerning the safety of those who are inside it. It can include emergency routes, instructions on how to activate fire alarms, among others. You can also utilize these signs as a means of communicating a few reminders to those who use the room. This way, you’re able to avoid clogged toilets, excess water usage, and more.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Nobody wants to go to an establishment that has no bathroom or any clear signage that leads to one. Not having even at least a single sign can trigger stress and annoyance to your customers which may result in negative feedback. Therefore, it’s important that you partner up with a company that has experts in making the right type of room signage for your establishment.

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Influence Signs and Graphics is a full-service, one-stop company in Burnaby, BC. We take pride in designing, producing, and installing high-quality bathroom signage. But more than that, we also constantly work on our responsiveness because we value every feedback, inquiry, and concern that is addressed to us by our clients. This enables us to clearly understand what our customers want and to ultimately meet or even exceed their expectations.

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