Building Signs

How Building Signs Strengthen Your Brand?

Remarkable building-mounted signs do more than just increase your visibility; they establish your identity in the community and strengthen your brand. In time, both locals and visitors get to associate your business with the locality until you become a prominent landmark.

There are as many types, designs, and materials for commercial building signs for you to choose from. If you want to stand out and outshine your competition, however, it is best to consult a full-service sign company that offers more than just manufacturing and installing signs. The sign experts at Influence Signs and Graphics can help you design and choose the right exterior signs for your building.

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Outdoor building signs in Burnaby, BC

How to Choose a Suitable Building Sign?

Often it is a good idea to use a combination of building signs to maximize exposure and create an impact.

Our responsive sign specialists are always ready to go the extra mile and personally visit your establishment to assess your location as well as hear your marketing goals. This way, they can help you come up with a design and signage type tailored to fit your brand’s personality, connect with your target audience, and benefits your location. Most importantly, we can provide you with superior signs that match your budget.

Raised Letters

Some of the widely used exterior building signs are three-dimensional building sign letters. These raised letters are usually mounted on a building’s façade or roof to tell people what your company is all about. In addition to announcing your presence, these 3D letters give your brand a more professional look. Raise your chances of getting seen in the evening by investing in lighted building signs. You can choose from back-lit, front-lit or a combination of both to give your building that added curb appeal.

Awning Signs

Awnings are popular among specialty and retail stores. You probably also saw and remember those pink-and-white striped awnings in your favorite cupcake shop, protecting those precious sweets from heat and glare but those awnings can do more than just protect your storefront from sun and rain; they can also double as eye-catching advertising materials that have your company name logo on them.

Hanging Signs

You can make an even bigger impact by utilizing more than just one type of building signage. Hanging signs are best for complementing storefront and monument signs as they allow you to be seen from another direction. These signs jut out perpendicular from a building and can be customized to speak your brand’s message. Some of the popular materials to choose from are metal, plastic, and HDU.

Your Top Choice for the Best Exterior Building Signage in Burnaby, BC

Influence Signs and Graphics can provide your business with a comprehensive marketing and signage solution that delivers results. If you are ready to revitalize your branding and see even better outcomes, feel free to get in touch with our advertising professionals.

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