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Privacy film is a specialized adhesive film applied to glass surfaces, such as windows and doors, to enhance privacy and security. It creates an opaque or frosted appearance on the glass, preventing people from seeing through it while allowing light to pass through.

Ideal for various applications, many home and business owners install window film technology to increase privacy, improve aesthetics, and block the sun’s harmful rays while letting natural light shine through. Window films are especially popular with local restaurants and office spaces throughout Burnaby and Vancouver.

With over 100+ unique designs, patterns and textures, the 3M Fasara line gives you an easy way to add that extra design element to your space.

Frosted Background

Also known as etched glass films, these window films are designed to create a frosted or translucent rice paper effect on glass surfaces. These films typically have a smooth or slightly textured surface that diffuses light, providing enhanced privacy while allowing light to pass through. They also lend to energy savings by reducing the amount of heat that enters and escapes through the window glass.

Decorative Films

Decorative films encompass a wide range of window films that are used for decorative purposes. They include films with various colours, textures, and finishes that can transform plain glass into something unique and uniform. Decorative films can mimic the appearance of stained glass, rice paper, fabric, or other materials, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive custom glass installations.

Pattern Films

Patterned films feature decorative patterns or designs that are embedded or printed onto the film surface. These patterns can range from simple geometric shapes to intricate designs, giving windows a stylish and unique appearance. Highly customizable, patterned films serve functional and aesthetic purposes, offering superior protection and decorative enhancements to your property.

Security & Privacy Window Films

When looking for effective solutions to protect your interiors from prying eyes and glaring sun rays, security and privacy window films offer that and more. Outwit the sun with superior protection designed to reduce energy costs, preserve furnishings, and provide increased comfort. Overall, these window films are a wise investment for those looking to boost their security, privacy, and energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Privacy Films

Maintain Privacy

Maintain Privacy

It provides an effective solution for maintaining privacy in both residential and commercial settings. It prevents outsiders from seeing inside a building, protecting the occupants from prying eyes.

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Security Window Films

Privacy film can also enhance security by obstructing the view of valuable assets or confidential information, thus reducing the risk of theft or corporate espionage.

Property management

Reduce Glare & block UV rays

Privacy film can reduce glare and block harmful UV rays, providing a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. It can also be easily installed, removed, and replaced, making it a flexible and cost-effective option.

Maintain Privacy


Commercial and residential window films can be tailored in colour and style, enhancing visual effects while meeting specific privacy and UV-protection needs for property owners.

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Recent innovations in window film technology ensure durability for both interior and exterior applications, effectively filtering sunlight and detailing exterior views.

Property management

Easy to Maintain

Quality window films require minimal upkeep; once professionally installed, they remain a low-maintenance solution to stores, adding style and function to their displays.

Privacy film is a versatile solution for enhancing privacy, security, and aesthetics in various industries. 

Its ability to create an opaque or frosted appearance on glass surfaces makes it a popular choice for corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and retail stores. 

With its numerous advantages, including privacy protection, security enhancement, glare reduction, and UV blocking, privacy film is a practical and efficient solution for maintaining confidentiality and creating comfortable spaces.

At Influence Signs, our team is here to help you optimize your space. Together, we can design the perfect window films to improve the aesthetics, comfort, and security of your work and/ or living spaces. With a wide selection of window film options and innovative solutions, our expertise will guide you through every step of the process.

Industries That Use Privacy Films

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Corporate Offices

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Healthcare Facilities

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Retail Stores

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