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Sign production time can vary, depending on how complex the sign design is and what materials are being used.  Can range from anywhere from less than 1 day to several weeks. Our team will provide you with an estimate during the planning phase. 

Materials that are most commonly used include; acrylic, aluminum, wood, vinyl, corrugated plastics, PVC and banner. 

There are multiple factors that play a role in determining the price of a sign or vinyl graphic, including; project complexity for design and labor, the types of materials used and the quality of the materials being used.

Images should be a minimum of 150 dpi at the desired print size, but can vary depending on what is the estimated viewing distance from the sign.  Here is a helpful link to a DPI resolution calculator https://www.scantips.com/calc.html. 

If you are not an authorized agent of the image, then you must secure a release from the copyright owner in order to be able to use it. 

Any font can be used, however, It’s imperative to select a font and a font size that is easy to read and represents your brand image.  Consider factors such as readability, visibility and legibility when choosing the font for your sign.

Ideally we would like the logo as a vector based file to allow for the highest reproduction quality.  File formats include; .EPS, .PDF and .AI. 

Yes, we can match using the universal Pantone Matching system or match from the CMYK chart.  We also have technology that can allow us to color match your materials automatically, just bring in a sample.  Either way, we can print a test to ensure we’ve got it right 🙂  

Please refer to your specific municipalities sign by-law to determine if a permit is required.  Typically, any outdoor signs visible from a street that are used to attract the public’s attention require a permit.

 No. In fact, wrapping your vehicle can protect its paint from minor scratches, sun damage, stone chips and other minor abrasions. 

Our guidance is to stick to hand washing for safest results, versus running your vehicle through an automated car wash system.

A vehicle wrap can last anywhere from 2 or 3 years to over 10 years, depending on materials used, weather conditions and personal care.

Did you know?

67% of customers surveyed said they purchased a service or product because the sign was eye catching
85% of your customers live or work within an 8 Km radius of your business
34% of shoppers associate sign quality with store and product quality
50% of Consumers who have driven by a desired business without finding it due to insufficient signage
60% of Businesses that reported adding or replacing outdated signs had positive effects on sales, number of transactions and profits.
29% of Shoppers who make store choices based on the information communicated by store signs

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