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Get your business in Vancouver growing and thriving with an outstanding signage system that doesn’t just make people notice; it encourages them to connect and do business with you. As a full-service sign company, we provide world-class services that include the following:

Consultation and Planning​

The first step in sign making is consultation and planning, which involves understanding your businesses needs and goals, as well as determining the appropriate signage solution. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for the entire sign-making process.

This step allows us to gather important information about your business, target audience, location, and objectives. It ensures that the custom signs and graphics we will produce will effectively communicate the desired message and align with your brand identity.


After the consultation and planning phase, the next step is designing the sign. This involves creating a visual representation of the sign that aligns with your  requirements and effectively communicates the intended message.

This is essential as it determines the overall look, feel, and effectiveness of the sign. A well-designed sign captures attention, conveys information clearly, and reflects your brand identity. It is crucial to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality to create a visually appealing and impactful sign.

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Once the sign design is finalized, the production phase begins. This step involves fabricating the sign using the chosen materials and manufacturing techniques. The production process varies depending on the type of sign, such as vinyl lettering, illuminated signs, or dimensional lettering.

Here is where we bring your sign design to life!  Our skilled sign makers use their expertise to select appropriate materials, ensure accurate dimensions, and execute the manufacturing process with precision. The quality of the production directly impacts the durability, functionality, and visual appeal of the final sign.

Sign Installation

The final step in sign making is the installation of the completed sign. This involves placing the sign in its designated location, ensuring proper alignment, and securely mounting it. Installation may involve various techniques, such as drilling, adhesive application, or electrical connections for illuminated signs.

It is crucial to ensure that your custom sign is properly displayed and effectively communicates its message. 

A well-installed sign enhances visibility, maximizes impact, and ensures longevity. It is important to consider factors such as visibility from different angles, lighting conditions, and compliance with local regulations during the installation process.


A One-Stop Solution for Your Business Needs

Overall, these four steps in sign making—consultation and planning, designing, production, and installation—are crucial for creating effective, visually appealing, and functional signs that serve their intended purpose. 

Each step plays a significant role in ensuring that the final sign meets your business requirements and successfully communicates the desired message

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