Channel Letter Signs

What are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters are used for both the interior and the exterior of your building, be it office lobby, reception area, conference room, shopping mall, building’s exterior and more. These are signs which can depict your brand’s name, logo, tagline through various letter signs, for example, illuminated letters, 3D letters, LED Signs, custom letter signs and more, according to your business needs.

A dedicated team at Influence Signs and Graphics works closely with you to help you choose, design, and customize signage reflecting your brand image. Be it illuminated or non-Illuminated signs, LED channel letters, or without any light, we provide the best-customized channel letter signs at competitive prices around Burnaby, Coquitlam, and New Westminster.

If you’re looking for custom signage, channel letters are among the best choices for a sophisticated business or office look. These signs make your business board stand out while also maintains a professional look. At Influence Signs and Graphics, a sign company in Burnaby, we provide a wide range of sign services like LED channel letters, custom channel letters to best suit our customer’s requirements.

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Illuminated channel letter signs for business in Burnaby, BC

What are the different types of Channel Letters?

Illuminated/ Non-illuminated channel letters

You can either choose your sign to be 3D or 2D- whichever effect works best for your business. Illuminated signs add more height, depth, and effect to your sign while non-illuminated options offer a prominent and subtle solution.

LED channel letter signs

These help your clients even in the dark to navigate your business and highlight it for other potential customers at any time of the day.

The illuminated signs are made in a way that the front face is lit with LEDs, allowing the option of colour for the front faces.

The other lighting option is to have the light exit the back of the letter and bounce off the wall for a backlit, reverse-lit, or halo-lit effect. It is also possible to have the front faces show one colour during the day and a different colour at night.

We work efficiently to convert your business locations into landmarks by highlighting your workplace with attractive & professional channel letters. We’re experts in delivering high-quality signs in various shapes, forms, and sizes to catch people’s attention. Durability and a proper finish are always our priority. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to designing channel letter signs and at Influence Signs and Graphics, you will always find a variety to choose from.

Your creative sign solution is just a phone call away. Contact the team at Influence Signs and Graphics and get your business sign personalized as per your choice.

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