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Channel & Dimensional letters are used for both interior and exterior, versatile and flexible you can customize them to align with brand guidelines or personalized designs, these can showcase your brand’s name, logo, 3D letters, LED Signs, and more.

Usually made from aluminium, acrylic and LED, Illuminated Channel Letters can also help your business stand out in the dark, grabbing more attention from your public. If you’re looking for custom signage, channel & dimensional letters are one of the best choices for a sophisticated business or office look.

Types of Channel & Dimensional Letters

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters Signs

Usually the most requested, there are three-dimensional signs formed from cut metal elements, such as symbols, numbers letters or images. These are secured and aligned against a solid backing frame or  an eye catching raceway. They are covered in a durable acrylic to achieve a unique and customizable appeal.

Illuminated Channel Letters Signs

As mention before, it is a possibility to light channel letter signs, they can be reverse or halo illuminated, they can be Marquee style with a set of exposed bulbs in the middle and they can have specialty films that can be applied to the faces, an example is perforated day/night vinyl (these look black in the day and white when illuminated at night).

Dimensional Letters Sings

Similar to channel-letters in fabrication, the difference is that channel letters have hollow channels inside for illumination, dimensional letters are cut from solid sheets of metal, acrylic or different materials.  These also offer different styles, fonts, sizes and you can control how the dimension will look, the thickness of the material or how flat is going to be.

Advantages of Channel & Dimensional Letters Signage


With this type of signage you are able to customize your signs in every way, texture, design, lighting, these are some of the options that we offer for you to get the right sign for your business. They have a great visibility and readability, with channel letters and dimensional letters each letter and logo can stick out.

Multiple mounting options

Channel & dimensional letters can be customized with different options, there are numerous mounting options to install channel letters such as flush and raceway. With so many options available you don’t have a limit following the building structure, you’ll be able to put the sign where you want it.

Cost-effective & good for the environment

These types of signs are cost-effective and low maintenance, especially when lit with LED. They usually leave a small overall carbon footprint, if you go with energy efficient lighting and recycled or LEED-approved you can also apply for a LEED certification. 

Industries That Benefit From Channel & Dimensional Letters

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Profesional Services

Channel & Dimensional Letters Signs Specialists in Burnaby, BC

We work efficiently to convert your business locations into landmarks by highlighting your workplace with attractive & professional channel letters. We’re experts in delivering high-quality signs in various shapes, forms, and sizes to catch people’s attention. Durability and a proper finish are always our priority. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to designing channel letter signs and at Influence Signs and Graphics, you will always find a variety to choose from. You will always have the perfect solutions to meet your unique marketing goals. Call us today to speak with a graphics expert and get a complimentary quote.

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