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Eye catching signs for your business

Dimensional signs add a little more depth to a flat sign, this can result in a more eye catching signage, this type of signage can be found at receptions or at the front of your store, the idea is to represent your brand and leave a long lasting impression, if the first thing your customers see is a nice sign they are going to trust more your business.

There are several types of Banner Signs, including

Dimensional signs are also known as 3D (Three-dimensional). The sign and lettering is cut from materials to give it depth, it can be made out of foamcore, acrylic, PVC plastic, metal, wood and even aluminium. 

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Laser Cut Acrylic

One of the most popular materials due to high versatility and resilience. You can find Acrylic in several colours and is very flexible, this can be cut into any shape or size. You can also add acrylic elements to signs made from other materials.

PVC Plastic

Plastic is an excellent choice for dimensional signs, its tough, cost-efficient and weather resistant. Just like with Acrylic, PVC plastic can be found in a big variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

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This material is eco-friendly, waterproof, lightweight, and resilient. Foamcore can be used for signs with different levels of thickness, it can easily replace wood. Different laminates like Metal and Acrylic can also be applied to Foamcore.

Metal and Aluminium

Metal signs and Aluminium, are resistant to corrosion, have clean edges and are one of the strongest ones. These signs can look great anywhere they are places. Metal can be flat-cut or fabricated, it can also laminate and it can be painted in any colour you like.

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Wood is characteristic for its appearance, it can give a sophisticated look, elegant and timeless. Wood signs are sturdy and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of Dimensional Signs

Long Lasting Impression

A great design is going to have a bigger impression in your visitors, hence, is going to be more memorable. The brain takes more time processing 3D images than 2D ones, this means that people are going to be more drawn to a dimensional sign than to a flat one. A first good impression is important to stay in your costumers mind, they will remember your brand easier with dimensional signs.


Just like 2D signs, 3D or dimensional signs can be customized in any way, you can choose to make a sign that represents your brand identity using your brand colours, logo and any other assets relevant to you business. These signs can also be used for any purpose decorative, informative, branding and even just interior design. 

Increase Engagement 

With 3D signs, the eyes are naturally drawn to things that pop out, making these more engaging than 2D signs. Various design elements that stick out like raised lettering  are going to be seen more than signs that blend in, this means that more people is going to engage with your sign. Over time this engagement can lead to more brand recognition.

Industries That Benefit From Wayfinding Signs

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