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When you drive around town, not lighted signs are easy to miss, but contrary to them, lighted signs are not. Colourful and bright signs are the best way to get noticed, they grab attention even at night time and they also leave a memorable impression.

Lighted signs can have many options to choose, you can match them with regular signs and LED signs, The idea is to help your business grow, to capture the essence and to create eye-catching signs. Signs attract new customers and increase the exposure of your brand. 

Types of Illuminated Signs

Lightbox Signs

Similar to channel-letters in fabrication, the difference is that channel letters have hollow channels inside for illumination, dimensional letters are cut from solid sheets of metal, acrylic or different materials.  These also offer different styles, fonts, sizes and you can control how the dimension will look, the thickness of the material or how flat is going to be.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

Usually the most requested, there are three-dimensional signs formed from cut metal elements, such as symbols, numbers letters or images. These are secured and aligned against a solid backing frame or  an eye catching raceway. They are covered in a durable acrylic to achieve a unique and customizable appeal.

Back-Lit Channel Letters

As mention before, it is a possibility to light channel letter signs, they can be reverse or halo illuminated, they can be Marquee style with a set of exposed bulbs in the middle and they can have specialty films that can be applied to the faces, an example is perforated day/night vinyl (these look black in the day and white when illuminated at night).

Advantages of Illuminated Signs

Day and Night Visibility

Illuminated Signs are amazing at drawing attention to your business at any time, even if you close at five, your presence  will keep drawing potential customers to your business, not only that, you will also leave a durable impression in everyone passing by. Visibility at night is not the only concern, also in different weather conditions like heavy fog and rain your signs can be hard to see, with illuminated signs you can avoid this situations.  

Differentiate your business

Is always a good idea to differentiate yourself from your competition, you want to be able to show your client that you are a better option than the business close to you. A great way to stand out is with visual branding, and Illuminated signs is a great way of outshining your competitors. Even if your competition have illuminated signs, this is a greater reason to get one for your business as well.  

Design Versatility

At influence Signs and Graphics we are always willing to help you with all your design needs, illuminated signs have many types and ways to be used, choosing the most appropriate signage for your business can be hard, but with the versatility that illuminated signs offer and the help of our team, you can get a sign that will ensure the visibility of your brand.

Industries That Benefit From Illuminated Signs

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