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Illuminated signs are signs that use lighting technology to make them visible in low-light or dark environments. These signs are designed to attract attention, improve visibility, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a business or location.

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

These signs consist of individual letters or logos that are typically made of metal or plastic and illuminated from the front. The lighting source is placed inside the letters, which creates a vibrant and eye-catching display. Front lit channel letter signs are commonly used by businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

In contrast to front lit signs, backlit channel letter signs are illuminated from behind the letters, creating a halo effect. The light source is typically positioned behind the letters, allowing the light to shine through translucent materials. Backlit channel letter signs provide a stylish and elegant appearance and are often used by high-end establishments such as hotels, spas, and upscale retail stores.

Cabinet Lightbox Signs

Cabinet lightbox signs are large rectangular or square signs that are internally illuminated. These signs consist of a metal or plastic frame with a translucent face, behind which the lighting is placed. Cabinet lightbox signs offer excellent visibility and can be customized with graphics, logos, or promotional messages. They are commonly used by businesses like movie theaters, shopping malls, and service stations.

Push-through Signs

Push-through signs are made of opaque materials with cut-out shapes or letters. The lighting source is positioned behind the sign, and the light is pushed through the cut-outs, creating a vibrant and striking effect. These signs are versatile and can be used for various businesses, including bars, nightclubs, and automotive shops.

LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs are a modern alternative to traditional neon signs. They use LED lights to mimic the appearance of neon, offering a similar glowing effect but with greater energy efficiency and durability. LED neon signs can be customized into various shapes, designs, and colors, making them suitable for a wide range of businesses. They are commonly used by coffee shops, hair salons, and retail stores.

The Benefits of Illuminated Signs for your Business

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24/7 Advertising

Illuminated signs can be seen both during the day and at night, providing continuous advertising for your business.

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Increased Visibility

Illuminated signs are easier to see in low light or dark environments, making them more effective at catching the eye of potential customers.

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Brand recognition

Illuminated signs can help to build brand recognition and make your business more memorable.

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Illuminated signs come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can create a sign that perfectly fits your brand and messaging.

Illuminated signs offer numerous benefits for businesses, including increased visibility, improved brand recognition, and enhanced aesthetics. 

Whether it’s front lit or backlit channel letter signs, cabinet lightbox signs, push-through signs, or LED neon signs, each type provides its own unique style and functionality. 

By leveraging the power of illuminated signs, businesses can effectively communicate their message, attract customers, and stand out from the competition.

Industries That Benefit From Illuminated Signs

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