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Having a good sign that represents your brand when customers walk into your business is a most, but you can also take advantage of your sign by making it a statement and grabbing even more attention from your clients. Illuminated signs are the perfect option for attracting more people to your store, used inside they can be a piece that reflects your brand identity.

Many types of signs employ different ways of light signage, for example, backlit signs offer a great amount of visibility for both indoor and outdoor use, as you decide which style of signage you need, you should know what options you have.

Types of Illuminated Signs

Lightbox Signs

The Lightbox style has LED lights and printed graphics on vinyl sheets. The lights can sit inside the box or on the backplate of the box. these are the perfect types of signs to draw attention to your business. Lightboxes are practical because they are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to upgrade in case you want to change your sign. 

Stencil Cut

The stencil-cut utilizes a stencil to cut letters and graphics. LED lights are then installed after the signmaker has engraved the design on the front side of the sign. These are amazing for a front lobby or to welcome your customers into your business, they give a more profesional look and can elevate the perception clients have on your store.

Face Illuminated

The face-illuminated signs use LED bulbs on the inside of the letters, this type gives you zero transition between letter edge and Illuminated face, creating a sleek look for you sign and for your business.

Halo backlight

Halo backlighting is created by fixing LED lights at the back of each letter or graphic. You can pick the colour of your lighting to complement the branding for your store or the colours of your logo. This type of lighting creates a soft illuminated back to your sign, making it more visible to your public and giving your sign an elevated look. 

Advantages of Illuminated Signs

Outstanding Visibility

Visual effects are some of the things that attract our eyes. People tend to focus their attentiveness to lights, brightness and illumination.
This is essential for business owners to grab customer’s attention. Illuminated signs is the most effective way to do it, not only you’ll be calling the attention of the customer, but you’ll also get new people interested in your business.


Most individuals believe that your business’s quality will be reflected by the types of signages you use. Backlight signages are costly; thus, if customers see you using them, they will believe your business will offer quality services and products. Illuminated signs allow business owners to explore different design options. However, you can take advantage of your creativity by playing around with the newest architectural signs and letters.

Environmentally Responsible

Illuminating your signages all day and night might seem expensive. However, backlights consume less energy which will save you a lot of energy bill. Illuminated signages require low maintenance compared to other categories of signages. They are consistent and easy to clean.

Industries That Benefit From Illuminated Signs

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