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Make the first impression on visitors with attractive Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are crucial in forming a brand image, first impressions matter in business. It’s wise to showcase your company’s logo in the lobby or board rooms to make it look more professional. A prominent and sophisticated sign plays a noteworthy role in making your business grow and in attracting more clients as it gives people a sense of reliability in your company. At Influence Signs and Graphics, we will give you a variety of custom lobby signs to choose from.

Dimensional signs help in further enhancing the visual impact. The custom-cut metal letters are backed by an attractive frame which makes the letters pop. Another option is stand-off lettering which creates some distance between the letter and the frame. You can also choose LED lighting for a corporate lobby sign or even a glass frame with a natural reflection effect.

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Lobby Signs

Types of Lobby Signs


3D signs are impossible to ignore. These signs are a perfect example of neatly cut individual letters that are directly mounted on the wall. At Influence Signs and Graphics, we offer dimensional letters that are bold, strong and doesn’t crack or fade.


Aluminum signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The important details of the business such as name, corporate ID, logos, and other pertinent information are displayed through these signs. Custom aluminum signs can be found in various shapes, forms, and sizes and can give a sleek or bold look. These signs look great in the lobby, reception areas, waiting rooms, office entrances, conference and meeting rooms.


These reception signs are custom made from a cast polymer that is transparent and durable. These are one of the most delicate corporate signs which make your lobby stand out as well as maintain the executive look.


Backlit and front-lit signs used as front desk signs increase the visibility of the displayed signs by backing each letter with an LED light strip or mounting the lights around the letters respectively in order to make the letters glow. These lights are available in different colours.

Why Choose Influence Signs and Graphics in Burnaby, BC?

We understand the growing needs of businesses, whether it’s a start-up or an established firm. Our expert team works closely with you to understand your design sense, your business’s requirements, your office sign requirements, your budget, and other essential details in order to deliver you top-quality products and services.

Influence Signs and Graphics is a company that deals in eco-friendly high-quality products suited for your needs with a promise to deliver the perfect finished, long-lasting, durable products. We deal in a wide variety of custom office lobby signs which can be designed from scratch. Some of our options include dimensional form, 3D form, aluminum business signage, acrylic panel signs, and backlit signs. You also get to choose from a variety of graphics, fonts, sizes, designs, and colours.

To make your workplace more attractive, contact our design team today to receive a free quote.

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