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Post and panel signs are usually printed on two sides to bring visibility from both directions, you can also combine two signs in a “v” shape for a better look and extra impact. These signs can also have illumination to enhance visibility. Post and panel signs can be customized with your logo, information from your business, brand colours and more.

There are several types of Post & Panel Signs, including

The option of customizing your sign gives you an open opportunity to stay compliant and promote your business. This comes with the option of creating ADA/CDA signs which include your logo, brand colours, and more. Besides making your company stand out, this can help you strengthen your brand identity. At Influence Signs and Graphics, we provide custom based signs that can be produced according to your design ideas and choices.

Store front sign and graphics

Aluminium post-and-panel signs

One of the most popular options because of the modern look and the durability, aluminium signs can be custom painted, they are made with a natural metallic finish, or backed with a laminated vinyl. These are often the choice for building site identification, wayfinding and directional signage applications. We can customize your selection with decorative posts as well as paint colours and finishes.

Foam core post-and-panel signs

This material can be easily routed to achieve the look that you desire, it can even simulate a carve wood effect. One of the biggest advantages of it is that is lightweight, economical and extremely durable. These foam core post and panel signs are often used as monument signs.

Store front sign and graphics

MDO and multipurpose post-and-panel signs

MDO or medium density overlay is a popular material, it features a laminated wood core and a vinyl surface, it has a white smooth finish that makes it easy to paint and customize. One of the most affordable materials, MDO are designed for temporary applications like constructions sites, property managers and commercial real estate companies that want to advertise leasing, rental and building information.

Advantages of Post & Panel Signs

Help Your Company Stand Out

Post and Panel signs can help your company stand out from others, you can place this type of sign on your property where people passing by can see it clearly. You can also ask for permission to place your sign in a high traffic area, customers will be drawn to your business if you have a sign close to your building.

Cost-effective signs

Post signs are not only a good way to advertise your business but also a cost-effective way to do it, we have different fabrication materials to accommodate your budget, alternatives from PVC to aluminium signage can be budget-friendly, depending on the material, your sign can last as long as you need it.

Build Your Brand

Keeping your image consistent is an important part to build your brand, having a post and panel sign that follows your existing marketing can make it easier for customers to recognize you. You can customize your sign using your logo, brand colours and any other graphics and information relevant to your business.

Industries That Use Post & Panel Signs

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Post & Panel Signs From The Experts in Burnaby, BC

These signs at your workplace can open your business to a much wider audience and make it more inclusive and easily accessible by people with disabilities. For any kind of assistance and service in signs, Influence Signs and Graphics is your best-trusted source in Burnaby, BC. You will always have the perfect solutions to meet your unique marketing goals. Call us today to speak with a graphics expert and get a complimentary quote.

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