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Increase your privacy at your place of work with window films

Glass windows and doors are part of all homes and offices. While giving an elegant and distinctive look, you may face compromised privacy issues. However, you can minimize this problem by considering the addition of privacy window film to keep your business behind closed doors.

Add a layer of privacy while still allowing natural sunlight to illuminate rooms through windows, glass walls and doors. 

Privacy films come in many different styles and offer endless design possibilities, including; frosted, crystal and patterned films (gradiation, dot/prism and stripe),or you can create your own custom printed or etched designs.

Advantages of Investing in Privacy Vinyl


Glass walls and partitions are popular in offices and commercial spaces in Burnaby, BC. While glass walls are elegant and modern, they carry with them security and privacy issues. A vinyl wall wrap is a perfect solution to this problem, especially if you dislike using curtains and blinds. You can opt for a frosted glass design to fully or partially cover a wall, window or door. Etched vinyl is another option if you want to use this material as door signs or decorative privacy films.

Decorative appearance

Privacy windows can provide a custom decorative element to your space on top of privacy benefits. Both residential and commercial buildings with traditional boring appearances may benefit from the use a dusted crystal or etch frosted finish to achieve a more uniform look. There are also hundreds of designed privacy vinyl’s from gradients to Dot, prism, stripe, boarder and even fabric patterned alternatives. Use your creativity and utilize the window privacy film for a fresh look on an office or conference room glass enclosure.

Protects from UV ray damage

UV rays have been highlighted as an issue in recent years due to the skin problems it is causing such as cancer. It is a normal precaution to wear sun block when you are going outdoors, but while indoors, its not top of mind, nor, convenient to be applying sunscreen. You can easily reduce the sun’s damaging UV rays inside your premises substantially by using a privacy window film.

Reduces Glare

Direct sunlight helps reduce the need to use artificial lights and is better for us. However, too much sunlight can sometimes create an uncomfortable glare and heat which makes it quite difficult to work without drawing down the curtains or closing the blinds especially, during the summer season. Using one of our window tint privacy films will help you get rid of this excessive sunlight and save your eyes from harsh sun exposure.

You Can Apply Privacy Vinyl to

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