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Product displays are placed in your store to hold and promote your products, the look of every retail product relies on the visuals, usually the first interaction the customers have with you product in-store is via displays. These can be fully customizable to match with your store and brand appearance, complementing all the other signage in your store.

There are several types of Product Displays, including

There is a big range of options to display your products, ultimately it comes down to how you want to do it and what type of product you have. Strategic placement can impact your sales, but also product displays can make your products much more attractive to your clients.

Store front sign and graphics

Stand alone and POP displays

POP displays and stand alone displays are an in store purchase display, these are design to attract customers to special offers or particular products in your store. You can change POP displays as many times as you want, making them 100% customizable even when you want to change your signage just for the season.

Window displays

Window displays are one of the most important, these are the first thing people see when passing your store, and they can influence whether or not they come in or just keep walking.  These displays can also be enhanced with vinyl graphics, they can be easily applied and replaced, making them customizable and easy to change.

Store front sign and graphics

On-shelf and End cap displays

On-shelf displays set products apart from one another when they are side by side you can use additional branding, trays, or other items that break the visual monotony of shelves. The shelves on the end of an aisle are called end caps. Aisle ends are a great high-traffic area for displaying merchandise and draw plenty of eyes.

Advantages of Product Display Signs

Consistent Branding

Your brand image is build by everything in your store, not only your product is being sold, is also you brand, music, graphics, colour scheme and decor play a big role in building your image. When choosing  displays for your products, make sure to pick something according to your store, this can increase the amount of clients remembering you and coming back.

Customer engagement

Visual merchandising can engage customers more easily, building themed displays, you can attract your clients to certain types of products and also point them in the right direction. You can push certain products more than others and also make them feel more visual appealing. It’s easier to engage with your customers when they feel attract to your products.

Product placement

Product placement can help you optimize your sales, this is the reason why so many stores change their displays constantly, they usually make you travel around the store before reaching the payment stand. Product displays help clients navigate this path, it can help draw attention to smaller products that would go unnoticed otherwise.

Industries That Use Product Displays

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