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If you are one of the many business owners in Burnaby that require the use of trucks for your daily operations, then you would benefit from the advertising capabilities of truck wraps. Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, vinyl truck wraps are known to be the most cost-effective method of outdoor advertising.

A Smart Way to Advertise

Despite the popularity of the internet and social media marketing, brick and mortar businesses continue to utilize signs and graphics to promote their business.

While social media campaigns and static billboard advertising are effective methods to introduce your brand to the public, mobile advertising allows you to reach a larger audience and thereby creating more impressions for the fraction of the cost.

Truck wrap cost can vary depending on the size of your vehicle or the surface area you want to be covered.

You can opt for a full wrap for added protection to your vehicles or minimal yet impactful truck decals. Regardless of your preference, Influence Signs and Graphics can help you come up with outstanding designs and professionally wrapped vehicles that effectively convert passive eyes into paying customers.

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Custom truck wraps and decals ideas for advertisement

How Truck Wraps Can Help your Business Grow

Unlike a static billboard that can only be seen by people driving past its location, a vinyl truck wrap is visible anywhere your company vehicle goes.

Whether you are one of your employees driving along the highway, stranded in rush hour traffic or parked by the roadside, your vehicle is running your message non-stop.

Take this opportunity to publicize your company name and logo to increase brand awareness.

You can also encourage your audience to visit your website by displaying your domain name next to a compelling tagline or an intriguing image.

Vivid graphics and persuasive content are potent ways to entice people to go check you out and turn prospects into loyal customers.

Your Trusted Truck Wrap Manufacturer in Vancouver, BC

We at Influence Signs and Graphics value quality over speed. Therefore, we take the time to meticulously check every detail before printing your design and wrapping your vehicles while making sure we finish every project within the agreed timeframe. Let us complement your brand and bring your vision to life and get the look that you want to achieve. Our goals are perfection and customer satisfaction. Call our custom truck wraps experts today to learn more about your options and get a complimentary estimate.

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