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Digital technology may have made social media marketing extremely popular, but the same technology has allowed signs and graphics advertising even more effective. For our customers marketing with custom vinyl graphics is among the widely used methods of strengthening their brand. 

Benefits of Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics can make a difference between someone ignoring a boring storefront, and someone that sees a great graphic and can’t resist the impulse to walk inside a store. In other words, good graphics can increase foot traffic to your business.

A strong first impression 

Storefront signs are not the only ones that count towards a good first impression. Vinyl Graphics have a similar role, if you position them in the right spots, people walking into your shop will be amazed. Vinyl graphics can also improve your brand reputation and visitor experience so your costumers spend more time at your shop. 


Not only vinyl graphics are high quality, they are also budget-friendly thanks to its durability.  When you compare vinyl graphics to other options like paint, you realize that different materials can’t offer the same quality image result, vinyl graphics give you more options for a better price and lower maintenance.

Long Durability

Custom vinyl graphics last for extended periods, we use the best quality materials to ensure you will get the best products, for example 3M vinyl, offers extraordinary durability. Using them in walls, windows and even in floors they can last longer than a paint job. 

Design flexibility

With vinyl graphics you can align your signage to your brand strategy, Vinyl graphics are fully customizable, you can get a design that represents accurately your brand aesthetic.  These are also able to establish your brand personality and improve brand recall in your clients. 

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With Influence Signs and Graphics, your options are virtually endless when it comes to graphics advertising. Whatever you need, our responsive design experts are always willing to hear your business goals and provide you with the right solutions.

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