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Standing out from competitors and creating a meaningful experience for your guests are just some of the everyday challenges that companies have. Luckily, investing in wayfinding signs is a simple yet effective solution to solve these issues. Wayfinding signage is a type of sign that indicates the location of certain places or individuals. 

Wayfinding signs can help your clients navigate your space in a more confortable way, most people don’t like asking for direction, these signs makes it easy for everyone coming to your business.

Types of Wayfinding Signs


Directional signs are the most recognized ones as wayfinding signs, they give direction (as their name states) and keep people moving toward their final destination. These can be located in corners or in any place where people might be looking for direction, like the reception, elevator lobbies, and junctions, their purpose is to help people navigate your business easier. 


This type of wayfinding sign is to help people know where they are, as their name state, they help identify places in your business, they can point out specific landmarks, structures and places, but contrary to directional signs, these don’t point or give any direction, they only show the user that they have arrived to the right destination. In your business the most used identification signs can be; restrooms, break-rooms, conference rooms and exits.


Informational signs are not about giving direction, they are used to give important information for the users, you can use them to give fun facts about your place, to let visitors know which parking spaces are available, and more.


These type can also be called warning signs, they required to be clear and visible so that everyone can see them. No parking signs, PPE signs and more are part of this type of wayfinding signs.

Advantages of Wayfinding Signs

Boosts Customer Experience

Custom wayfinding signs help customers find what they’re looking for inside your business, be it a specific product, area, or person. It helps create a pleasant customer experience since people will feel that they are well taken care of by the management by making their visit hassle-free.

Improves Foot Traffic

Businesses, especially those located in congested areas, will greatly benefit from wayfinding signs. Custom directional signage doesn’t necessarily have to be inside the establishment only. These signs can also be strategically placed in nearby places to entice customers to go to your establishment. As an effect, you’ll have a more competitive advantage since your company will have more chances of bringing in customers. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also invest in wayfinding digital signage that is bright and eye-catching even during nighttime, which allows you to pique the interest of potential customers 24/7.

Creates Accessibility and Inclusiveness 

Custom wayfinding signs that incorporate Braille, are made from non-glaring materials and have contrasting text and background colours and greatly benefit those who are suffering from any type of visual or hearing impairment. By creating a space that is safe and easy for all to visit, there’s a higher likelihood that your company will receive positive word-of-mouth from customers and even attract more customers in the future.

Contributes to your Branding Strategy

When you invest in professionally made and installed directional signage, you’re able to leverage the benefits of these signs so that they contribute to your branding strategy. For example, having a well-organized supermarket with signs that clearly show which aisle displays specific products or a movie house that features readable signage to comfort rooms and emergency exits will positively impact your branding. This is because your company will appear more professional, trustworthy, and well-managed.

Industries That Benefit From Wayfinding Signs

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