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Choosing the Right Window Graphic Design

Window Graphics are glass-friendly designs made of various materials that produce different finishes such as opaque, transparent, translucent, metallic or fluorescent colours. Perforated materials are also available for those who don’t want to block out sunlight completely. Whatever the material used; these custom window graphics are sure to turn heads your way.

Capitalize on your store or office’s window space and turn it into effective marketing tools with window graphics. Visually enhance your large, empty windows to educate, inform and excite passersby about your products and services with an enticing window display in Burnaby, BC.

Advantages of Investing in Window Graphics

Branding and Aesthetics

Your storefront has the potential to not only add to your business’ aesthetic value but also make your brand visible. Turn your storefront into an Instagram-worthy spot, making it a go-to place for people to take their photos and post on their social media accounts which promotes your business.

With the right design elements and messages, these decals can have a positive impact on your customer service, sales, employee productivity, and more.


Custom vinyl window graphics are relatively inexpensive, and quicker to manufacture than other marketing materials. A professionally designed window by Influence Signs and Graphics will surely give you performance for cost considering the impact it has on your community.


Speaking of performance for cost, there are many ways vinyl window graphics can be used:

Brand building through the usage of company logo and brand colours Promoting products, services, and even events Relaying important information to customers and would-be customers like business hours, contact information and company’s vision Improving exterior aesthetics without undergoing major redesign and renovation Displaying company achievements and milestones that can build business credibility and customer trust through business window graphics.

Storefront window graphics are also highly customizable and can fit your company’s needs and budget. Whether it’s a full window design or small window decals, it will make your storefront memorable.

Privacy and Sun Protection

Along with the different marketing benefits, installing graphics on your windows is also a useful way to increase privacy inside your store or office without compromising your storefront’s aesthetics. Aside from providing privacy, it also protects your store or office from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays, maintaining the shelf-life of food items or protecting furniture, clothes, and shoes from being damaged.

Everything you can do with window graphics

Amplify Your Storefront in Burnaby, BC

There’s a sign for every business and it’s up to you to decide what suits your company best. Influence Signs and Graphics will work hand in hand with you in creating a design that will amplify your brand in Burnaby and increase customer recall.

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Window Films

Homeowners and businesses in Burnaby and Vancouver use glass windows for one obvious reason – they look gorgeous. But while they allow people a good view of the great outdoors, glass windows entail risks that may spell disaster for occupants within that building. This is where a security window film comes in.

Security film for windows addresses most of the safety issues involved in having glass windows and doors. No matter how safe your town or city may be, having an extra layer of protection for your property will always be a good idea. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a protective window film in Burnaby, BC.


You can spend a fortune on the highest-performing door locks, but you cannot prevent break-ins if your windows can easily be smashed.

A secure window film makes glass windows difficult to breach, delaying break-ins and giving you more time to think of an appropriate response. Burglars work within a narrow timeframe; they want to gain a quick entry, grab anything valuable they can, and get out as quickly as possible.

If your residential window film isn’t allowing them a quick entry, chances are they will give up and just leave. If they don’t, the resulting noise from pounding and smashing onto your window will attract the attention of your neighbors or wake you up.

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Custom window film for business


Accidents happen and when an accident does occur in the workplace, a protective office window film will hold the glass together and prevent shards from flying everywhere. Shattered glass can be harmful or even fatal to humans and cause severe damage to merchandise and furniture. Protect your valuables and the people within your property with secure window films.


In addition to the protection they offer, window films can provide you with much-needed privacy. If your home or office windows are at ground level or at the same level as another window of a building close by, you may want to consider commercial or residential window tinting. Having innocent passersby looking into your personal spaces is uncomfortable enough; you don’t want thieves scanning your home or office for valuables they can snag.


The wonderful thing about window films is that can be designed to match the overall aesthetics of your interior. Tints come in different shades and textures to suit your preference or match your brand. In fact, some custom window film comes in colourful designs to mimic stained glass windows. Curtains and blinds protect you from heat and glare but also prevent you from having a view of the beautiful outdoors of Burnaby, BC. Tinted security films for windows let you control the brightness of your room and allow you to see outside at the same time. All while adding a curb appeal to your property.

Consult the Window Film Experts in Burnaby, BC

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate window films into your space and protect you simultaneously, get in touch with the experts at Influence Signs and Graphics. We serve customers in Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, and New Westminster and offer only the highest quality protective window films in the market.

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