4 Reasons Wayfinding Signage Boosts Customer Experience

AODA/ADA wayfinding signs or directional signs help customers navigate in and around your business. An example of a directional sign in Vancouver could be as simple as an arrow pointing “this way” at a building lobby to your location. Or it could be a sign pointing towards the washrooms. Another example would be ADA/ADA wayfinding signs which help individuals with disabilities easily get around your space. By promoting an environment where customers can get around easily, they are more likely to leave feeling positive about your business.

Improve Your Business’s Customer Experience With Directional Signs and AODA/ADA Wayfinding Signs in Vancouver

Promote Accessibility and Inclusivity

AODA signs are government regulated signs that provide signage in accessible ways. They need to be installed at specific heights, so everyone can read them and when braille is involved, touch them. These signs also require contrasting text and background colours. By implementing proper AODA/ADA signs, you aren’t just complying with provincial regulations, you’re creating a safe space where visually or hearing impaired individuals will feel comfortable.

AODA Wayfinding Signs Minimize Confusion & Streamline Your Purchasing Process

Have you ever tried to go into a store looking for one thing and you came out with everything, but the one product you wanted? The business was probably lacking directional signs. An easy way to streamline shopping is to have signs above each aisle. As soon as customers arrive they can scan the store and look for the lane with the product they are looking for and head to the check out. If a customer is constantly getting lost in your store or business then they are likely to be frustrated and may take their business elsewhere.

Boosts Brand Trust & Professionalism

Show your customers where to go to find the products they need and they will leave happier. Trust us. Placing signs strategically for customer’s needs will also show that you are a well-managed company. You have thought about accessibility, what a positive customer experience looks like and that you care about your customers’ well-being.

Increases Foot Traffic

Let your customers find you. The easier you make your business to get to, the more likely you are to attract new customers. Having outdoor directional signage that is brightly coloured or lights up helps customers see your branding. Especially if you have a light-up sign, as you are visible twenty four hours a day. Anyone who walks or drives by your sign will see it. Even better, you will have a competitive advantage over businesses who have signs that don’t light up. In terms of accessibility signage, having signs with low glare gives individuals a fair chance to read your sign and potentially walk in.

Ask our experts what directional sign your business needs today

AODA wayfinding signs and directional signs are important for every type of business. A customer who can quickly navigate your store is a happy customer. A happy customer is likely to be a loyal customer. Boost your customer’s brand experience and shop for directional signage today. Contact one of our sign specialists to get started.


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