How Businesses Can Benefit From Indoor Signage

An indoor office sign is your customer’s first impression of your brand and your chance to communicate a certain feeling and message to them. Adding custom graphics to your reception wall area can make customers feel welcome from the moment they walk into your building. They also add a touch of professionalism to your office.

On top of this, adding wayfinding and directional signs such as where products are located can minimize confusion. Showing customers that you value their time and you want their experience in your store to be easy and streamlined. Having great customer experiences are important to your brand. Customers that feel valued are more likely to remain loyal to you.

Choosing the Right Indoor Office Business Sign For Your Location in Vancouver

Add Signs to Make Customers Feel Comfortable & Secure

A wayfinding sign is a great indoor office sign to improve customer experience. An example of a wayfinding sign is: a washroom sign, a sign pointing to the reception area or a directional sign pointing to specific areas. Minimize headaches in your office by adding these signs and show individuals where to find everything.

To maintain compliance with provincial rules and regulations for accommodating people with disabilities, you must install ADA/CDA signs. These signs help individuals navigate through your building and follow specific guidelines such as: installing signs at certain heights or adding bright lettering on a darker background for increased visibility.

Lastly, you can ensure a greater feeling of customer security by installing window films. They add an additional privacy by eliminating visibility into your professional space while still letting your employees and customers see and safety element to your windows by making them difficult to break into.

Add a Professionally Branded Indoor Office Sign or Wall Mural For a Lasting First Impression

A lobby sign is a customer’s first impression of your office, and you can never get their first impression back. So you want a bold statement sign in your lobby that represents your brand’s colours, lettering and style. The right indoor office signage can enhance your brand’s image, add sophistication and leave a lasting impression. You can even add raised letters, or background lights to make your sign stand out more. Having your corporate ID and logo on the wall and around your office will help establish a more concrete professional in your customers’ minds.

If you’d like a creative touch to your office space, a wall mural or wall graphic that clearly communicates your brand’s story in an impactful way are great solutions. A balance of creativity and brand presence makes a great impact.

Stand out From Your Competitors With a Light-Up Display

The human eye is naturally attracted to things that shine. Adding a backlit sign in your lobby can give you a competitive advantage over companies who use non-lit signs. You can easily choose graphics and colours to match your target audience. These signs act like moving digital displays to entice your customers to want to learn more. This can result in increased interactions at your store.

You have a business in Vancouver and not sure which indoor office sign is best for? Contact our team and speak with our signage experts or request an estimate so we can bring your interior to life with professional and creative signs.


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