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Promotional Business Vinyl

Benefits of Window Graphics for Your Company

Businesses that are serious about success have to do so many things to stand out. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next tier, then you should zero in on its windows. Custom window graphics can be excellent for promotion, identity branding and the whole nine yards. Helps with branding Window vinyl has

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Lobby Sign in Burnaby BC

Turn Your Location into a Landmark with Eye-Catching Building Signs

If you’re looking to increase your company’s visibility, then adding a building sign in Burnaby, BC is your answer. Professionally made office building signs can help attract customers, decrease navigational issues and increase your brand’s awareness. Picture this. You are looking for the local hardware store and you can’t find it because it’s not visible

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Outdoor Signs

How Outdoor Signs Help Businesses Catch Attention

If a professional business doesn’t have outdoor signage, you probably won’t be able to recall much about it, let alone its name, brand colours, slogan or location. That’s how important custom business signs in Burnaby are for brand identity and navigational purposes and why we want to talk about some the important advantages of these

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Walls Murals

Why Individuals are Sprucing up Their Walls with Murals

The days of wallpaper have evolved, and wall murals are in! Their popularity has increased immensely due to their aesthetically pleasing nature and the fact that they are 100% customizable. Homeowners, restaurants, large businesses, retail stores and offices are choosing to install these eye-catching wall designs and custom indoor signs. They add character to any

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Indoor Signage By Influence Signs

How Businesses Can Benefit From Indoor Signage

An indoor office sign is your customer’s first impression of your brand and your chance to communicate a certain feeling and message to them. Adding custom graphics to your reception wall area can make customers feel welcome from the moment they walk into your building. They also add a touch of professionalism to your office. On

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Wayfinding Signage

4 Reasons Wayfinding Signage Boosts Customer Experience

AODA/ADA wayfinding signs or directional signs help customers navigate in and around your business. An example of a directional sign in Vancouver could be as simple as an arrow pointing “this way” at a building lobby to your location. Or it could be a sign pointing towards the washrooms. Another example would be ADA/ADA wayfinding

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