Creative Vinyl Floor Graphics

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Maximize Business Spaces with Captivating Graphics

Floor Graphics can be an excellent addition to your space. These are non-slip vinyl decals installed on the ground or even on stairways. Floor graphic design can give a new dimension to your office building or store and can create a positive impact on your customers.

Floor graphics can be applied to all types of surfaces such as sealed wood, ceramic tile, marble, vinyl and even concrete. 

There are stronger adhesion materials for long-lasting use as well as ones that are much easier and safer to remove that are great for temporary, promotional floor decals.

Advantages of Investing in Floor Graphics

Unlimited Design Capacity

The design potential of graphics on your floor is endless given the amount of space you can work with. These graphics can be as small or as large as you need them to be. Cover the entire floor with custom printed vinyl floor graphics or use small vinyl floor decals to create the design you need.

These custom-made floor decals are also unique and creative. Catching your customers off guard when they look down grabs their attention which can effectively put your message across. From brightly coloured designs that pop to humorous messages, you can surely make an impression on your clients.

Saves Space and Cost-Effective

Custom floor graphics are inexpensive since they last longer and require minimal maintenance after they are placed. These durable floor graphics are easy to clean and are made to endure water damage, scuffing, and scratches that may be caused by foot traffic.

Floor graphic design also saves you advertising space as they provide more surface area than the walls. Avoid taking up valuable space and obstructing foot traffic in or out of your store through floor decals.

Endless Practical Use

Your vast floor space can be used for different practical purposes. Custom floor decals can be used for the following:

Wayfinding – business floor graphics direct customers to store departments and key items or help customers find offices in a building.

Brand Awareness – educate your customers about your brand and increase customer loyalty through floor decals and graphics.

Advertise Promotions – aside from window and wall graphics, tell your customers about sales and ongoing promotions through eye-catching graphics on the floor. Strategically position them along point-of-purchase displays to help move products off the shelves and sell faster.

Share Information – use your floor space to educate your customers in about your products and services and help them have a better customer experience.

Everything you can do with floor graphics

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