How a hoarding job can help your store to stand out

If your store is located in a mall a hoarding job can help your businessHoarding job for shop inside a mall with vinyl graphics


Shop exteriors can be dull and boring, a branded storefront made trough a hoarding job can be exciting and rewarding for you and your business. A powerful and good first impression will help you stand out from the other hundred shops in the mall. A good hoarding job can represent your brand more accurately and it makes your business more noticeable.

Willowbrook Mall vinyl graphics complete wall mural shop hoarding

Recently we work with the brand Willowbrook to complete a large indoor hoarding inside a mall. Working with the client is an important step, we decided for a simple unique design that was compose by 20 panels each 13 feet tall, we used Avery MPI 2921 plus matte laminate.  We always pick materials to deliver a professional look that will stand out. If you are considering a hoarding job for your business, here are some of the benefits you can get from it:


A Strong Brand

With a hoarding job you can build a strong brand by sharing relatable values to potential customers. This will help you establish emotional connections with new and existing customers, which eventually leads to brand loyalty. Don’t forget that brand loyalty can last a lifetime and can be transfer to future generations. 

A Good Looking Storefront

In a crowded mall full of stores standing out can be difficult and a big challenge. Being creative and thinking outside the box will get you closer to make the impact you need on visitors. A hoarding job covering and branding your storefront is an amazing solution! Our experienced and reliable company can help you develop eye-catching designs to grab the attention of every visitor. Being able to do this can save you from investing in other expensive marketing techniques. 

Better Brand Recognition

Besides building awareness, a hoarding job branding your business can improve the brand recognition. People will start recognizing your brand and will be able to differentiate it from other brands. When it comes to making a purchase decision, customers usually select a brand they are familiar with, over time your company will become top of mind and you’ll gain more loyal customers.

Increase Your Business Credibility

A strong brand makes your business more credible in the industry and market. Your customers will then trust your business and be more loyal to it, remember that everything goes hand-in-hand. In the long term you’ll se an increase in traffic and sales.

Easy to launch New Products

When you have a strong brand your customers trust your business, it will be easier and less expensive for you to introduce new products. A launch with a base of loyal customers will guide you to a bigger success.

These are some of the many benefits a hoarding job can bring to your shop, now that you know how much value it can add to your business give us a call, here at Influence Signs & Graphics we have everything you need to make a successful hoarding job for your business.

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