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Visibility is always a critical part of building a business and sustaining your brand. Companies are always on the lookout for ways to get brand exposure, especially in areas that are hard to find or face occasional inclement weather conditions. Because of its structure and design, pylon signs may be the right option for you.

Pylon Signs are free-standing outdoor structures that sit at higher levels and usually have your company name and logo. Made typically of a combination of materials such as marble, bricks, concrete and metal, they often come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Types of Pylon Signs

Multi-Tenant Pylon Sign 

Pylon signs that are well design will attract more customers to your business plaza, these can also increase the visibility of it from a distance increasing stores traffic. A Multi-Tenant pylon increases the revenue of the property owners by renting or leasing individual panel spaces on your pylon sign. This type of signage is not only beneficial for the property owner, but it also gives the stores more exposure to potential clients entering the plaza or mall.

Dedicated Pylon Sign 

A good dedicated pylon sign is the first thing your customers will see when approaching your site, pylon signs offer high visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business. The materials used to fabricate this type of signs are UV resistant which increase its durability and resistance. This type of pylon sign can be customized to follow your brand identity and increase its level of recognition.

Lightbox Pylon Sign 

Pylon signs have great visibility during the day, but you can also increase it throughout the night, a great way to do this is getting an internally lit Lightbox pylon. This type of sing can have a single light or multiple light-boxes to fit your needs. You can see a variety of this at shopping malls and plazas where you can see multiple logos of the retailer brands at the shopping center on display.  

Advantages of Pylon Signs


A prominent reason for having this kind of sign is its visibility factor. These signs are excellent for wayfinding, as they are usually positioned close to the road.  This potentially establishes your company as a community landmark, allowing your brand to be top-of-mind when they need your type of product or service – an excellent way to maximize marketing and elevate your brand.


These signs are highly customizable, having a variety of materials to choose from, this easily allows you to choose the best design to match your surroundings and tailor your design for a more cohesive look. Unique pylon signs make it effortless to look like a more professional and reliable partner for your clients.

Valued Investment 

This large project may be overwhelming at first; however, the rewards of these signs are endless. Imagine the indispensable recall of these signs, available 24/7 for potential customers. This one-time investment of pylon signs allows you to advertise for years to come.

Industries That Benefit From Pylon Signs

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