Burnaby's Best High-Quality Outdoor Signs

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Why Invest in High-Quality Outdoor Signage?

Outdoor business signs are an essential first impression. More than announcing your presence or indicating your location in the neighbourhood, these signs represent your brand and advertise your business round the clock regardless of weather conditions. It is essential to not only have custom outdoor signs designed to speak your brand, but also to remain vibrant for several years despite continual exposure.

Benefits of Outdoor Signs

Even with more and more digital marketing advertising technics, traditional signs are still important for your business, it can drive sales, increase your business traffic and help you acquire new customers. Outdoor signs will help your business stand out and reach more people, today in an increasing digital world, visual communication stands out even better than before. Here are some of the benefits of outdoor signs.

Spark Interest

Not only your sign has to get people’s attention, it should also hold their interest too. You can use concise, descriptive tagline words on your sign to communicate your philosophy, your benefits or to describe the value your business provides. You can use custom graphics to evoque feelings in people that will make them remember you later.  


With a professional sign you can help your name stand out. Good signs will let people know you exist and what you offer. A sign that stands out and display your logo or business name can create brand recognition and a feeling of familiarity. Use your sign to show people exclusive products and valuable things they can only find in your business.   

Draw Attention

When using a strategic placement for your signs this can help captivate potential customers attention as they walk in front of your store. A sign can be placed at eye level,  at a distance or run along the side of the building. 

Claim your location

A prominent, tasteful sign can do wonders toward helping you establish the location of your business. You don’t need to crowd other businesses, but it’s important to make space for your business to be known.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Signs for Your Company in Burnaby, BC

With the multitude of designs and materials to choose from, deciding which exterior business signs to include in your signage system can be quite confusing.

Fortunately, our team of experts at Influence Signs and Graphics has experience in working with businesses across different industries in Burnaby, BC.We can help you design exterior signs that drive results.

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