Construction companies need signage to keep employees, guests, and everyone passing by safe. Not only that but signs on a construction site are also a great way to advertise and inform about the construction taking place, it’s a good opportunity to increase your brand recognition and to attract more clients. Custom-made construction signs can be changed easily depending on the project and can always reflect your brand identity.

Signs Solutions for Construction

Wayfinding Signs

Custom wayfinding signs help visitors, and staff find what they’re looking for at your construction site, It helps to create a safe environment for everyone and can direct people in the right direction in case you need to block streets or sidewalks. When you invest in professionally made and installed directional signage, you’re able to leverage the benefits of these signs so that they contribute to your branding strategy.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are usually printed on two sides to bring visibility from both directions on construction sites, you can also combine two signs in a “v” shape for a better look and extra impact. These signs can also have illumination to enhance visibility at night. Post and panel signs can be customized with your logo, information from your construction project, brand colours and more.

Custom Banners

The versatility of banners doesn’t end with how you can use them, in construction they can hold important information about your project. These banners are also very durable, made to endure the indoor and outdoor elements. Moreover, with the right custom design, these banners can be reused for years to come in different constructions. The more you reuse your banners, the more you can promote your business.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicles from your construction business are constantly on the move from one place to another. With car wraps, you can change the transit times being down times and convert them into advertising for your brand all over town. Wrapped vehicles can carry your message to over one thousand viewers monthly. 


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