Why Individuals are Sprucing up Their Walls with Murals

The days of wallpaper have evolved, and wall murals are in! Their popularity has increased immensely due to their aesthetically pleasing nature and the fact that they are 100% customizable. Homeowners, restaurants, large businesses, retail stores and offices are choosing to install these eye-catching wall designs and custom indoor signs. They add character to any wall and act as a talking piece.

Some Reasons to Add Wallpaper Murals to Your Office

Creates a Permanent Brand Communication Tool

Whether you are a restaurant, retail store or a corporate business you have a story to tell. Incorporate brand messaging, your story, personal messaging, inspiring quotes or anything that you want to share with the world on your wall. Let people know your values, what your logo looks like, what matters to you and who your partners are. Some even add fun quirks about their business that they wouldn’t be included in public-facing branding. The best part is that the mural can be completely personalized, and you can be as creative as you want. The design, colour, placement and messaging are all up what you want to create with our team.

Makes an Insta-Worth Spot

Many stores add their slogans to their walls for shoppers to see, as a statement wall. This technique reinforces brand messaging and creates an Insta-worthy spot for shoppers to take pictures. The initial investment in your murals or custom interior signs leads to a free advertising tool. It’s a win-win investment, as many shoppers will snap photos with your branded wall and share their images on social media.  

Provides an Accent Piece

Have you ever watched an interior design show and heard the designer say, “Let’s add an accent wall to break up the room”? Adding an accent wall with a wallpaper mural creates an eye-catching look. You could add a patterned design wall in your living room or a mural in your child’s room with zoo animals.

Another example could be an Italian restaurant who asks for a wall that replicates the rolling hills of the Tuscany region in Italy. Whatever design you go for will entice a feeling. If you’re eating dinner beside an Italian-inspired wall mural, you could feel as if you are in the Tuscan Valley. Enticing certain emotions is a great way to create ambiance or atmosphere in your location.

Hassle-Free Process That Works on Any Wall

Unlike traditional wallpaper, “peel and stick” wallpaper murals are hassle-free and expertly installed. They can stick to any wall and provide a sleek, neat facade, so you don’t need to worry about the condition of your wall. Additionally, they can incorporate more detailed designs than wallpaper.  

Ready to Design Your Next Wallpaper Project?  

If you are a business in Burnaby or Vancouver area, and looking to spruce up your indoor office space with Wall Murals, then talk to our team of design and installation experts and start creating your customized mural for your home, office, or store. Impress visitors and shoppers with your bold interior and style. Let’s talk!


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