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Use Window Films to improve the safety and security of your business

Homeowners and businesses in Burnaby and Vancouver use glass windows for one obvious reason – they look gorgeous. But while they allow people a good view of the great outdoors, glass windows entail risks that may spell disaster for occupants within that building. This is where a security window film comes in.

Security film for windows addresses most of the safety issues involved in having glass windows and doors. No matter how safe your city may be, having an extra layer of protection for your property will always be a good idea.


Safety and Securty film come in an array of options to help meet your businesses needs and budget.

These materials come with ranges in visible light & solar energy that transmitted, reflected and absorbed. Other properties include the amount of glare reduction, shading and break strength.

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You can spend a fortune on the highest-performing door locks, but you cannot prevent break-ins if your windows can easily be smashed.

A secure window film makes glass windows difficult to breach, delaying break-ins and giving you more time to think of an appropriate response. Burglars work within a narrow timeframe; they want to gain a quick entry, grab anything valuable they can, and get out as quickly as possible.


Accidents happen and when an accident does occur in the workplace, a protective office window film will hold the glass together and prevent shards from flying everywhere. Shattered glass can be harmful or even fatal to people and cause severe damage to merchandise and furniture. Protect your valuables and the customers and employees within your property with secure window films.

Keep Your Building Space Comfortable​

Practically invisible when installed on glass, safety window film works hard to block harmful sun rays while letting visible light through. It allows you to live or work with your blinds wide open, helping to prevent glare, excessive hotspots, and uneven temperature fluctuations, rejecting up to 79% of solar energy. In these environmentally-conscious times, it’s important to have a window protection film solution that conserves energy and saves money.

Prevent Bird Strikes on Your Building

Approximately 25 million birds in Canada are killed after striking building windows each year. The problem is so common, that some Canadian cities require new buildings to take measures to cut down on the issue. Since a majority of new buildings are made mostly of glass, it makes common sense to have them treated with bird-deterrent window films, imprinted with patterns that keep the birds from flying into what they might otherwise see as clear sky. The right bird-deterrent film solution needs to be cost-effective, durable and designed to blend in with the building’s architecture while still allowing clear views out.

Places To Apply Safety & Security Vinyl

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