How Outdoor Signs Help Businesses Catch Attention

If a professional business doesn’t have outdoor signage, you probably won’t be able to recall much about it, let alone its name, brand colours, slogan or location. That’s how important custom business signs in Burnaby are for brand identity and navigational purposes and why we want to talk about some the important advantages of these types of signs.

3 Reasons Exterior Signs Attract Attention

You Become a Local Landmark

A great outdoor business sign will show off your unique identity and when handled by expert designers, has the chance to become a landmark for locals. The image of your store will be ingrained in their memory. Every time they think about your store the image of your exterior sign will pop into their head. They will remember your location, your brand colours, and logo. Even better, if you opt for a monument sign, then you will be seen from a distance. A monument sign has your company name and logo on a free-standing outdoor structure. These types of exterior signs are amazing to get impressions from drivers passing by on the highway.

A great example of the power of a well-design exterior sign is McDonald’s golden arches. It’s no mistake that they’re as big and bold as they are. Everyone knows what the arches symbolize and they’re easily spotted from a great distance.

Custom Business Signs Draw People In

You can show off your unique brand identity with the right sign. Adding a custom banner sign promoting a sale can attract foot traffic into your store. Another option could be adding a banner sign to your tradeshow booth to help you get noticed. A new store with a bright lettered sign or just a logo will entice people walking by to check out the new business.

Better yet, adding window graphics is an extremely effective way to interact with your customers. You can post company slogans, or get creative and have a more artistic design put up. Our expert designers can work with you to create something that gets visitors to walk into your store.

24/7 Exposure, No Matter the Weather

Durable exterior signs will have a lasting impression and be able to withstand varying weather conditions such as excessive sun exposure or winter storms. Especially if you have illuminated letters or LED signs. Having a 3D light-up with channel lettering adds depth to your sign as the letters stick out and catch the attention of those passing by.  

Ask About What Custom Business Signs Are Right For You

Your location, branding style and type of business will ultimately play a deciding factor in the type of sign you purchase for your business. If you are in a crowded high-traffic area, you’ll want to opt for a sign that makes you stand out. Illuminated signs or adding raised lettering are great ways to outshine your competitors. If you are a Burnaby based business in need for signage, Contact our local experts to find the right outdoor sign for your business today.


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