Stand Out With Custom Illuminated Signs

Looking for a way to stand out from competitors? Illuminated signs are the best way to do it

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Marketing and branding are some of the most important factors for your business, if you don’t keep these in mind your business could easily fail. These days more and more businesses are coming and going, it’s a good time to build your brand and position it as a strong one. Illuminated signs can change the look of your business and make it even more striking, the sign outside of your establishment is going to be the first impression your clients will have of your brand, so why not give them an impression that will last longer.

Advantages of illuminated signs

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Illuminated signs can help your business in different ways, here are a few of the advantages these can give to your business.

24/7 marketing

Illuminated signs can give your store more visibility at night time, even when your store is closed your illuminated sign will catch the attention of potential customers even from far and will create a big impression. It’s a one-time investment that will bring you many opportunities.

Store front sign and graphics

Long-Lasting Impression

Not only a sign can brighten your brand but it can also convert your store into a unique spot that people can recognize easily. It will captivate your audience and create a long-lasting impression on potential customers. 

Professional Appearance

Illuminated signs can make your sign legible even from a far distance, aluminum letters are also durable and steady, making them cost-effective as well.

Types of Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs can be anything from text to graphics, these are usually made from materials like aluminum and are lit after, these are some of the types that we offer:

  • Halo signs – Made from opaque vinyl tubes that highlight your brand’s sign, they give a 360 halo glow around the signage.
  • Lightbox – A rectangular or square acrylic frame with LED lights aligned on the box’s back plate or inside it. The illuminated  graphics are printed on vinyl sheets, making them easier for them to be installed within the box. The lightbox style gives your brand name an aesthetic vibe.
  • Backlit channel letters – They can be reversed illuminated. Backlit signs have special films that can give your brand’s name a unique look. For example, a marquee style with spotlights or bulbs installed in the middle can make your brand stand out. 
  • Front-lit channel letters – Formed from cut elements, the front-lit signs are three-dimensional signage integrated within a solid frame for an eye-catching customized look.

Take advantage of your signage, choose the right signage company for your business, give us a call, here at Influence Signs & Graphics we have everything you need to make successful signs for your business.

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