Improve Your Storefront With Perforated Vinyl

Take advantage of your glass windows and doors with perforated vinyl films

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If you are looking for new ways to improve your storefront like channel letters, there is also another great way to capture attention from potential clients, big storefront signage is great for people looking at your store from a distance, but when they get close it can be hard to see signs that are too high, here is where perforated window films can give your store even more visibility.

What is a Perforated Window Film?

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Perforated vinyl refers to a thin coat on the vinyl applied to glass surfaces in stores, buildings, and even boats, it reduces the UV radiation while also letting the light in. This can also give privacy to your business and serve as a marketing opportunity. Here are some of the advantages of Perforated Window films. 

Weather Resistant 

Perforated vinyl films face the outdoor of the glass, this means, the material is designed to be waterproof. High-quality perforated vinyl lasts even longer than three years.

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Cost-effective marketing

Not only you are improving your space, but you are also maximizing the reach of your brand without increasing costs. The perforated film can be applied to every glass surface, including your fleet, creating advertising on the go and making it even more cost-effective.


Dynamic Colors

Depending on your design, you will need a good quality print that can manage the colors for your film, here at influence signs we have the best quality products to ensure that your design looks the same digital and printed.

Easy to install

One of the easiest types of signage to install, unlike monument signs or channel letters, perforated vinyl will save you time and costs on installation.

Take advantage of your signage, choose the right signage company for your business, give us a call, here at Influence Signs & Graphics we have everything you need to make successful signs for your business.

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