Improve Your Marketing Strategy With Large Format Printing Services

Get the best from your marketing tactics incorporating Large format printing

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Nowadays businesses are more focused on their digital marketing strategies, but in reality, traditional marketing still plays a big role in business success.  One big difference between digital and printed advertising is the engagement level, the average time of engagement for digital marketing is 15 seconds, while printed materials get 3 or 4 times more than that, they are capable of engaging in a deeper level with the target audience and convert them to loyal customers. Looking at print advertising is easier to remember than social media advertising. 

Here at influence signs and graphics, we have everything to make successful printed advertising, here are some of the many benefits this can have in your business.

Increase the impact of your marketing strategy:

Large prints can reflect your marketing style and your brand’s strategy with graphics that are 100% customizable to your business, not only they are easy to read at a long distance but they are also attractive for everyone passing by. Everyone from your target audience will be drawn to your store if you advertise new deals, products, and promotions in large prints that they can see and that will capture their attention quickly. 

Long-Lasting Marketing

Here at Influence Signs and Graphics, we care about the quality of the products we make, Our Large prints are always made with the best materials, they are weather resistant and have a UV film that will protect your graphics from fading and changing too fast, that way you can have them up for as long as you need.

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Increase Brand Awareness

With many places advertising all at once, is hard to be top of mind for all your potential customers, large format printing can help you get ahead of the competence, with graphics that represent your brand and are easy to read, you will be remembered more than any other business. 


Cost-effective tool

Marketing can take a big place in your budget, but with the right guidance, you can have marketing that works and that will last for as long as you need. With large format printing, you will have a great impact on your audience with a great budget as well.


With our printing services, you can use your creativity to create the best graphics for your business, from stickers to banners and posters you can experiment with all the materials we have available and have great marketing campaigns that represent your brand.

Upgrade your marketing strategy, choose the right signage company for your business, give us a call, here at Influence Signs & Graphics we have everything you need to make successful signs for your business.


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