Movie & TV Production

When you work at a movie or TV production one of the biggest goals is to make the set look like a real place, maybe the production is trying to recreate an existing city or one that doesn’t actually exist. Different types of signs can help with the feeling of authenticity, we can create temporary signs that look great on camera, even when you are building interior sets like offices, we can help making it look good according to the aesthetic of the production.

Signs Solutions for Movie & TV productions

Illuminated Signs

Indoor Illuminated signs can help to achieve the wow factor, in sets like bars achieving a good atmosphere is key to make it look like the place does in fact exist, illuminated signs with the name of the place can be a great way to give credibility to the space.

Dimensional Signs

Similar to Illuminated signs, dimensional signs are great for grabbing attention, so if you need to show the name of a company in a reception, this is the best type of signage to do it,  not only looks good but it’s also cost-effective, you can get dimensional signs made from different materials depending on the look you are going for.

Wayfinding Signs

Movies and TV productions usually have many people working, a great way to keep everyone safe and efficient is by having wayfinding signs indicating where are the main stations in a set, with more security protocols being implemented nowadays, it’s important that your crew feels safe.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics can be used in extensive ways, especially for Media, you can have stickers, decals, promotions, window advertising, vinyl murals, and more, these are 100% customizable and can be replaced easily, you can pick between removable vinyls or permanent ones depending on your needs.

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