Turn Your Location into a Landmark with Eye-Catching Building Signs

If you’re looking to increase your company’s visibility, then adding a building sign in Burnaby, BC is your answer. Professionally made office building signs can help attract customers, decrease navigational issues and increase your brand’s awareness.

Picture this. You are looking for the local hardware store and you can’t find it because it’s not visible from the side of the road and there is no storefront signage. However, if the storefront had proper signage or even a landmark sign, then customers could easily find their store.

Here’s how this situation could be turned around. The hardware store could install a professional building sign with easy to read letters, bright contrasting colors and have the sign mounted on the building at a visible level. Better yet, they could install the one building sign that grabs the most attention: the monument sign.

Maximize Customer Visibility with a Monument Sign

A monument sign is a free-standing sign or outdoor structure. This sign can be in the form of a large structure, a statue or a memorable installation. A monument sign also doubles as a landmark for your company. Specifically, a landmark is an object or part of land that is easily seen from far away and eventually becomes a known symbol for recognizing a certain location.

For example: the McDonald’s golden arches are a landmark or a monument sign. They can be seen from the side of the highway or from miles away before you actually enter the restaurant. Hence, showing that McDonalds has established the arches as the brand’s symbol. Customers automatically know that the golden arches are a symbol for McDonalds. This is especially important for franchises to remember. You can build up your brand’s visibility by having consistent signage and brand symbols that customers learn to rely on and trust.

Become Top of Mind & Strengthen Your Brand

If a passenger or driver is constantly driving by your landmark, the chances of them remembering your company’s structure are high. This means your brand is now “top of mind.” If a customer is looking for a certain product in your industry, then your company is going to come to mind first. Hence, creating long lasting brand awareness that eventually may lead to a purchase.  Monument signs are an excellent choice, but not every location may have space for an outdoor structure of that magnitude.

Other Building Signage Types that Grab Attention

Raised Letter Signs are the most common 3D lettered sign for businesses. These signs have the ability to be illuminated for maximum visibility during all hours of the day.

Hanging Signs are great compliments to raised letter signs and are an additional way to grab buyers’ attention. They are fully customizable and can help consumers see your store or office from a different direction. Therefore, optimizing your visibility.

Awning Signs are commonly used for specialty restaurants or retail locations. They provide shelter from sun glare or harsh weather conditions as they cover your front entrance. Lastly, they are made from canvas fabric that is customizable in colour, pattern and messaging. Contact the elite team at Influence Signs to start designing your monument sign, office building signs or custom building signs in Burnaby, BC. We produce environment friendly signage and can fully customize and design your signs to fit your company’s branded needs.


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