Make a Professional First Impression on Your Visitors with Lobby Signs

You can never get a customer’s first impression back. That is why we suggest installing a professional lobby sign in Burnaby BC, with your corporate ID and logo. Let your customers instantly know who you are and where they are, from the moment they walk into your business. Depending on what industry you work in, you will have different needs for your lobby sign. Many professional service companies opt for custom lobby signs with individually cut metal lettering for a bold, sleek look. On the other hand, many medical offices, dentist offices or corporations choose acrylic panel signs for a more professional look. As long as your signs are professionally made and installed, you will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Working with a company like Influence Signs and Graphics is a great way to make your branded vision come to life. Their design experts can help your figure out a sign to suit your business and bring your design to life

Choose a Lobby Sign to Suit Your Business’ Branding

Frontlit or Backlit Signs with a Light Up Display

Frontlit or backlit signs give you a competitive edge over businesses who use non-lit signs. These signs are easy to read thanks to their built-in lighting. This makes it easy for individuals who have trouble seeing in low light or trouble seeing at all. As a result, you show customers that you care about being accessible to their needs.

3D Lobby Signs

3D lobby signs are great for creating eye-catching displays. In most cases, the company name is spelled out individually using 3D letters. These letters will pop out from the wall for a striking display. This type of sign uses channel lettering, which creates a bold first impression. 3D reception signs can be completely customized to include your brand colours, company name, logo and messaging.

Aluminum Business Signs

Aluminum reception signs can be made to suit every shape, size or form that your business needs. Some companies engrave their name on one sheet of aluminum. Others choose to individually spell out their name with individually cut letters. Both options give your visitors a bold first impression.  Aluminum signs can be found at law firms, accounting offices, or real estate firms. However, any professional business would benefit from adding this type of sign.

Acrylic Business Signs

Acrylic business signs are often seen at corporate offices, medical practices or dentist offices. They have a durable, transparent background and provide a bold first impression. These signs display your company name, logo and messaging on a clear background. They create a contrast between their background and the branded colours that provides a stunning first impression to customers.

Start Designing Your Custom Lobby Sign Today

A custom lobby sign is a great addition to your reception area. They give customers trust in your company and show that you care about your branding. Our signs are environmentally friendly and are premium quality. Contact the team at Influence Signs and Graphics to get started on creating your lobby sign in Burnaby, BC.


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