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Signage for Restaurants and bars is one of the most important parts of the business, these can help draw customers to your business, and also they can make a good impression and get you long lasting returning clients. People usually check the place they want to eat before going, and having a good image can be the difference between an empty restaurant or a successful one. There are many types of signage that you need when opening a restaurant or a bar, here at Influence Signs and Graphics we can help you with all of them, we deliver quality signs that are going to make your business successful.

Signs Solutions for Restaurant and Bars

Indoor Illuminated signs

Having a good sign that represents your restaurant’s brand when customers walk into your restaurant or bar is a must, but you can also take advantage of your sign by making it a statement and grabbing even more attention from your clients. Illuminated signs are the perfect option for attracting more people to your restaurant, used inside they can be a piece that reflects your brand identity.

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs add a little more depth to a flat sign, this can result in a more eye catching signage, this type of signage can be found at the front of your Bar or restaurant, the idea is to represent your brand and leave a long lasting impression, if the first thing your customers see is a nice sign they are going to trust more your business and are most likely to come in.

Wayfinding Signs

Standing out from competitors and creating a meaningful experience for your guests are just some of the everyday challenges that restaurants have. Luckily, investing in wayfinding signs is a simple yet effective solution to solve these issues. Wayfinding signage is a type of sign that indicates the location of certain places, making it easier for your clients to find places like the washroom and the check out counter. 

Channel Letter Signs

Channel & Dimensional letters are used for both interior and exterior of restaurants and bars, versatile and flexible, you can customize them to align with brand guidelines or personalized designs, these can showcase your restaurant’s name, logo, 3D letters, LED Signs, and more. 

Pylon Signs

Visibility is always a critical part of building a business like a restaurant or bar. Companies are always on the lookout for ways to get brand exposure, especially in areas that are hard to find or face occasional inclement weather conditions. Because of its structure and design, pylon signs may be the right option for your Restaurant.

Vinyl Graphics

Marketing with custom vinyl graphics is among the widely used methods of strengthening your brand, you can use them to give your bar a certain look. Restaurants can also have vinyl graphics with information on the windows, the advantage of these is that you can place them anywhere you want and with almost any graphic you like. 


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