Types of Vinyl Graphics You Can Use For Your Business

Improve Your Business Image With Various Types of Vinyl Graphics

Indoor custom signage and graphics


Vinyl Graphics are a valuable solution to establish your brand and communicate with your existing and potential costumers using visible surfaces, like windows, doors, walls and more. Keeping this in mind, here at Influence Signs and Graphics we offer various types of vinyl graphics services to fulfill you needs. Let’s go through each type:

Branding and Promotion

Colourful and well-design graphics are one of the most effective ways to advertise and promote your brand. They can make your business stand out from the competence by improving your business atmosphere and visibility. With these you should be able to attract a bigger audience and generate more revenue.

Decorative Vinyl 

Today you need creative and innovative branding solutions, one great advancement of printing technology is a decorative vinyl wall and window coverings. They are durable, cost-effective, and leave a lasting impression on your target audience and clients.

Privacy Films 

This type of vinyl graphic service is used for critical functionality rather than promotional purposes. These are films used on glass office cabins to establish privacy and to give an elegant look to the office. They offer endless design possibilities and come in different styles, such as frosted, patterned, and crystal. 

Safety and Security Films

Glass windows are used by many businesses due to their high aesthetic value. They can make a strong impact on potential customers and also undermine the safety of your business. An easy solution is to utilize safety and security films to cover the windows. This will ensure protection against potential misconduct and also give instructions to incoming customers, like “wear a mask”.

floor decal

Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics are non-slip decals installed on the ground or stairways, they can be used for branding purposes or to give directions. These can be applied to concrete, marble, ceramic, tile, vinyl and sealed wood. They give new dimension to your space.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics can help you transform your space from dull and expressionless to engaging and vibrant.  They can be installed on all types of materials like drywall, concrete, metal and wood. You can choose from pre-made architectural films or go for fully customizable designs. In either case, wall graphics will increase the engagement from your customer and they will keep your staff motivated. 

Window Graphics

Finally, Window Graphics are an excellent way to utilize your store large glass windows for promotional and branding purposes. These are eye-catching graphics designed to build brand awareness, communicate your brand message, and compel viewers to come inside. 

Considering all the options you have when talking about vinyl graphics, we can help you achieve your long-term business goals, give us a call, here at Influence Signs & Graphics we have everything you need to make successful vinyl graphics for your business.

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