Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls are always trying to attract new clients, the correct signage can help to make visitors feel comfortable, having wayfinding signs in a big space as a shopping mall can help people navigate the stores easier. Not only that but utilizing empty stores for advertising can also increase the mall visibility and reinforce brand image. Signage can keep the look of the place consistent and make it more professional and memorable for visitors. 

Signs Solutions for Shopping Malls

Lobby Signs

Usually, in administrative areas of shopping malls, you should have a sign that reflects the change between the commercial space, and the offices. Lobby signs and Dimensional signs can also help in further enhancing the visual impact. Having custom lobby signs is a great way to complement Mall’s decor, Signs can help you stand out from your competitors and create a more durable impression on all your visitors.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs can help the visitors to find the store or place they are looking for easily, this type of sign is specially used in shopping malls to direct people to different places, having a big space with a lot of retail spaces can be confusing, wayfinding signs will help the visitor to feel comfortable and to come back.

Product Displays 

An essential goal of a shopping mall or retail space is to attract visitors and get them to make purchases, product displays will help every store inside the mall to get more engagement, a striking display can be attractive to the right target audience, making it easier for the store to close sales. 

Pylon signs

Pylon signs are especially good if your shopping mall is an open space, they will help list the bigger stores that are inside and can help the space get more visitors that might be passing by. This can increase the Mall’s visibility and help with long-term recognition. 

Channel Letters Signs

Channel Letters is one of the most used types of signage for shopping malls, with extensive retail spaces, it can be hard to know where is the place you want to go, channel letters can be used to add the name of the shopping mall in a way that everyone can see it, not only that, big stores inside the mall can also advertise their presence with smaller channel letters. You can also make Illuminated signs to increase visibility in the nighttime, taking advantage of every moment of the day.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics can be used in extensive ways, especially for shopping malls we specialize in hoarding jobs to make your spaces look better, you can customize the graphics to represent your brand when a space is empty, or to advertise new experiences inside the mall. Here at influence signs and graphics, we have a diverse selection of vinyl to fulfill all your needs.

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